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TrafficBotPro empowers you to effortlessly automate any web task and send mass traffic to websites with ease

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Exchange traffic with thousands of users

How to use?

    • Get organic traffic
    • Support multi-threading
    • Support adding proxy
    • Anti-Fingerprint
    • Automate tasks
    • Restrict same IP traffic
    • Efficient Smart Panel
    • More functions

What Can TrafficBotPro Do
For You?

Increase rank

Increase your site's rank

in search engines and

Shopping sites.

Click AD

Earn money by clicking ads

on your website or beat

your competitors by

clicking their AD


More views

increase views and

welcome the arrival of

advertisers, get more

impressions easily.

Sell traffic

Join popular freelancing

platforms like Fiverr, Seo

Clerks and start selling

website traffic there and

make some money!


  • Self-defining querying interval
  • Pages turning interval
  • Visit and click ratio
  • Adding proxies
  • Adding UserAgent
  • Screen resolution

Simulation operation

  • Mouse move
  • Mouse click
  • Scroll
  • Keyboard input
  • Random click

Powerful and smart

  • Multi-tasks
  • Multi-threads
  • Schedule task
  • Loop task


  • Multi-device simulation
  • UserAgent
  • Font
  • Render FingerPrint
  • Canvas Fingerprint
  • Audio FingerPrint
  • Hardware Fingerprint

100% Browser Fingerprint Simulation + MAC Address Automatic Change

Browser Fingerprints
MAC Address

Traffic Generation

Increase website traffic with ease using TrafficBotPro. Drive real, targeted visitors to your site and improve your online presence.


SEO Ranking

Enhance your website's search engine ranking by utilizing TrafficBotPro's advanced SEO features. Achieve better visibility and attract more organic traffic.


Competitor Ad Clicks

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging TrafficBotPro to click on your competitors' ads in Google/ Yahoo/ Bing. Gain valuable insights and edge out your rivals.


Earn with Page Ad Clicks

Generate revenue by clicking on your own page's advertisements with TrafficBotPro. Maximize your ad income automatically.

Brand New Custom Operation Feature
Find the element you want to operate more accurately through ID Class Xpath or Selector., which leads to a more convenient task-setting.
AdSense Real-time Growth
TrafficBotPro can help you generate effective clicks in various AdSense Networks to monetize.
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Auto Click Competitor Adwords
TrafficBotPro can automatically click on competitor Adwords, thus draining their advertising dollars.
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Google Friendly Traffic Real-time Growth
TrafficBotPro simulates different devices to visit any web page to generate real and effective traffic.
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Win SEO Rank | Bing | Google | Yahoo | Amazon | eBay
TrafficBotPro can increase SEO rank, boost traffic and click ads. It works with Bing, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and even more websites.
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Proxy and Account Security

This function lets you bind accounts with appointed proxies, so that later the program will use the same proxy with this account all the time. This will make your account much safer. These sites don't want to see that you are in USA now and then you are in England after 1 min. You can set every account to use a different proxy, you also can set every 2 or X accounts to use the same proxy. The program can also use the conventional proxy rotate method of using a different proxy every time the account logs in. It's very smart, it's all is down to your settings. And our software's operation is same to human's operation, this will avoid your accounts got suspended. We have many excellent proxy partners who will give you discount price and great proxies that work well with our software.

How does TrafficBotPro prevent detection?

TrafficBotPro is a software web automation software that allows you to hide and control your digital fingerprint by spoofing all parameters that websites can see. By masking these settings, you can bypass anti-fraud systems by impersonating your real internet identity.
It helps you create a large number of profiles, each with its own digital fingerprint. These profiles do not overlap with each other, so the website cannot ban your account. This is useful for performing various tasks on the Internet.


Best Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-tracking Technology

Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely indigenous way. Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy IP, our software is fully different to other software that only add a proxy to your browser to work, our software will set the timezone, language, DNS and location etc... is matched to your proxy IP, that will make you looks like a real people from the proxy IP. Our software can also generate different device fingerprint and bind different fingerprint with your accounts. Once the account is bind with proxy IP, device fingerprint and other settings, the account will use these settings all the time with all operation. That is why you can use our software to mange and operate many accounts with different proxy safely.

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  • anti__bg__2
  • anti__bg__3
  • anti__bg__4

Main Functions

Functions Free Ver. Search Engine Ver. Shopping Sites Ver. AD Click Ver. Full Ver.

Task Exchange

Exchange traffic with thousands of users

Browse Your Site Directly

Visit your sites directly with different settings and proxy to increase the site's traffic.

Increase Search Engine Rank

Search your keywords on google/yahoo/bing and click to visit your site in the search results.

Increase Your Product Rank

Search your keywords on amazon/ebay and click to visit your product page in the search results.

Click Any AD You Want

Browse the page directly or from Search Engine, then click the ad you set.

Bypass Bot Detection

Simulate full human's operation to mouse move, click, scroll and keyboard input etc...

Latest Anti-Fingerprint technology

Use the latest Anti-Fingerprint technology to bypass bot detection

Simulate The Really Site Browsing

Custom querying interval, pages turning interval, staying time, visit and click ratio, proxy, useragent, screen resolution etc...

Smarter Panel

Smarter module division helps you better use and makes operation easier.

Smarter Tasks Management Center

Apply the added settings directly from Proxies Center and Devices Center. Task settings become clear at a glance.

Multitasking Function

All tasks can be selected and run with one click. Thousands of traffic at your fingertips.

Multitasking Schedule

Allow scheduling one or bulk tasks as you wish.

More Ways on Importing Proxies

Support manual input, file import, fill in online web page import.

Smarter Proxy Detection

Various proxies can be automatically detected, allowing your proxies to be clear at a glance.

Automatic Simulation of Devices

Automatically create desktop or mobile devices to make traffic more realistic. Automatically create bulk devices based on proxies.

Better Compatibility

Works with the latest Google browser, almost compatible with all web pages.

More Accurate and Efficient Custom Operations

Find the element you want to operate more accurately through ID Class Xpath or Selector.

There are more not listed here...

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Search Engine Version only for search engine

Lifetime Version
Yearly Version

Shopping Sites Version only for shopping sites

Lifetime Version
Yearly Version

AD Click Version only for ad click

Lifetime Version
Yearly Version

Full Version include all functions

Lifetime Version
Yearly Version

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 10 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 30 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 100 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage unlimited VPS

Powerful Cloud Control Function

VPS Cloud Control

You can easily distribute threads to all VPS using VPS cloud version

The cloud control function provides extremely simple management functions, you only need to run a set of software on your host, you can easily manage the cloud publishing and running of all tasks.

Q: What is cloud control?

A: The cloud control function enables you to use a set of software to control unlimited other computers / servers / VPS on one computer at the same time, and conduct batch management and task operation. Each computer operated by your main control software can also use multithreading for multitasking at the same time. If you add 50 cloud controlled computers / servers / VPS, each running 10 threads to execute tasks, then a set of software can inform, control and manage 10 * 50 threads for task execution. Therefore, the cloud control function greatly expands the efficiency and performance of the software. There are almost no restrictions. The only limitation is that you can add any number of controlled computers / servers / VPS by yourself.

If you are interested in the cloud control function, please contact us!

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 10 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 30 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage 100 VPS

VPS Cloud Version include all functions
manage unlimited VPS

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TrafficBotPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it's advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.